1. Rules

Bsides Strasbourg aims to be a harassment-free experience, whatever your gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, weight or religion.

Harassment may include the following:

We reserve the right to take all necessary measures to stop any harassing behavior. This may range from a simple warning to permanent expulsion from the festival, with no possibility of refund.

We expect participants in this event to respect these rules at the venue, on social networks and in their everyday lives.

2. Reporting inappropriate behavior

If you see anyone infringing these rules, please report it immediately to a Bsides organizer, who will take appropriate action.

All Bsides organizers are identified by a "STAFF" T-shirt.

You can also write a personal report to the Bsides Strasbourg organizers, including :

Each report will remain entirely confidential.

Mail to contact in case of incident: contact@capitale.dev